Weber Performer Series

Weber Performer Series Overview

Let’s talk about the Weber Performer charcoal grill series.  There are three versions that fall under the name Performer:  Performer (we refer to as basic), Performer Premium and the Performer Deluxe versions. First, these three are similar, yet very different. Because they share the name “Performer”, I felt it was best for you to see them side by side by side to avoid confusion.  The size specifications of the grill on all three are the same, 22″ resulting in 363 sq. inches of grilling space.  All are built to last, and backed by the Weber name. The Deluxe is my personal favorite, as I have had mine since 2005.  They’re the workhorse of the grill industry. This grill also has added amenities that actually assist you in your grilling. Although there are no frivolous touches, everything on this grill is intentional and practical, justifying every dollar you spend on it.

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The Weber 22-inch Performer charcoal grill has a 22-inch grill grate which sits inside a porcelain enameled bowl, providing heat retention. The large grate size (363 sq. inches) is approved by Weber to fit 13 burgers at one time. The grill grate is also hinged, making for easy access to your coals without having to remove the entire grateThis grill is equipped with a One-Touch cleaning system, making cleaning up your ash a breeze. It has a built-in lid thermometer. This is extremely useful, and makes the need for grill probe thermometers unnecessary.
Now onto the stand which the grill is built on. The side table is collapsible, making it less bulky and allows for easier stowing away, but when folded up and in use, it provides roughly 12” by 24” (288 sq. inches) of table space. Underneath the grill and the ash-catcher, there’s a small rack which is perfect for storing things like a chimney starter or grill gloves. On the front of the grill, there’s a Weber logo plate with three hanging hooks attached to it, perfect for your grilling accessories or tools.
The Weber 22-inch Performer isn’t designed for portability. It does have 4 wheels. 2 large plastic wheels and 2 smaller plastic wheels equipped with locking mechanisms for maneuverability.

Weber Performer Premium


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The Performer Premium grill has a slightly different look than the basic Performer.  The biggest upgrade from the basic Performer is the added work space. The Premium has an additional 14” of work space, allowing for more food prep space. Both side tables are made out of metal with a synthetic coating. The table on the Premium is not collapsable, as it has the charcoal storage bin beneath it, thus making it larger than the standard.  This model also has the removable back-lit LCD timer.  Another small upgrade is the two larger wheels being made out of a heavy-duty rubber. However, this particular grill can cause a lot of confusion from a visual standpoint as it looks almost identical to the Deluxe, but it does not have the coveted Touch and Go Ignition system.  


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Our Final Thoughts on the Weber Performer Series

As mentioned earlier, the Deluxe version has everything listed above on both the basic and Premium Performers, but the most significant added feature is the Touch and Go ignition system. This is an electronic gas ignition system that lights your charcoal briquettes with the touch of a button. This does several things: one, eliminates the need for a charcoal lighter or chimney starter, and two, results in faster ignition of your coals. This makes for one less thing to worry about, and reduces your Ignition time by close to five minutes. This feature is what made me buy my Performer Deluxe nearly 14 years ago!  A rarity with Weber, but there is a color choice for the Performer Deluxe:  Black, Copper, & Green.
Remember that all three are the same grill, both in grill space and bowl construction. The big difference is the added features and workspace the premium and deluxe models offer.  Then the Touch & Go Ignition system for the Deluxe.  Deciding whether those features are worth the extra money is determined by your needs.
We believe that all of these grills are some of the best on the market for any type of home griller. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to dive right in, or have been eyeing an size upgrade from your smaller grill to something capable of handling a larger workload, any of these grills make for logical options.  One common denominator between the three is size, quality and the Performer name.  As we always advocate on this site, Weber is of superior quality and no matter your reason for purchasing, you can expect extensive use out of this grill.
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