Grilling Store Bought Pizza

If you haven’t had grilled pizza, it’s time to try something new!  Grilling Store Bought Pizza, the ready to bake, not frozen.

Whether you are looking for an easy weeknight meal or just not having enough time to make pizza from scratch, buying a store bought pizza is nothing to be ashamed of.  There are some really tasty store bought pizzas available: Papa Murphy’s, Sam’s, Costco, etc.  Remember, I am talking about ready to bake versus frozen pizza.  Papa Murphy’s actually takes your order from you, so all your ingredients can be added at the time of ordering, pick it up, take it home ready to bake.  We recently had a last minute dinner guest and we bought a basic pizza from Sam’s, added extra ingredients, threw together a salad and Ta Da, dinner!  Our dinner guest was surprised it was a store bought pizza.  Remember, entertaining doesn’t have to be daunting or time consuming, do what is easy so you can enjoy your guests.

Most often I start with a basic cheese pizza, think of it as a blank canvas!  I add more cheese that has big flavor such as Manchego, Gouda or Parmesan, then add some fresh Mozzarella, usually the pearls.  Side note, Trader Joe’s has a fantastic Goat Gouda that comes in a wedge that is unbelievable on pizza.  Sometimes I even just grab some basic cheddar from the fridge and shred it up.  Then I choose meats, if any, my family is craving. Our go-to is either Canadian Bacon or ground beef mixed with breakfast sausage (roughly ½ lb each).  Rob your pantry or fridge from any ingredients you might need to use up…pineapple, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, etc.  Throw on some extra oregano, thyme or fresh garlic to build up your flavors. 

First, get your coals ready for the grill.  See my article on How to Start Charcoal without Lighter Fluid if you need further instruction.  A pellet grill is great for this too, crank the temp up to 425, and put a pizza stone in the grill as it is heating up.   

While your coals are working on being ready, prepare your pizza for the grill.  Place your pizza on a pizza stone or cookie sheet (we used a cookie sheet). Place the cookie sheet or stone with the pizza directly on the grill.  Cover and bake for 8-10 minutes. Once that time is complete, remove the cookie sheet sliding the pizza directly on the grill to toast the bottom for 3-4 minutes.  Watch carefully as you don’t want to burn the bottom. 

Remove from the grill, let rest for 3-4 minutes and cut in desired pieces.

Grilled pizza is a great way to have a quick weeknight meal or last minute throw together with guests.  Once you start grilling store bought pizza, you may never be the same!

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Brian Canada

Brian Canada

Founder and creator of Big Grillin. Since early adulthood, Brian has enjoyed grilling and smoking a variety of foods. Brian’s mission is to share his grilling knowledge and help others enjoy grilling as much as he does.

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