Grilling Gifts (Gadgets)

Unique grilling gifts for those who love grillin’!  Unlike our Father’s Day Gift Guide, these are gift ideas that are unique, but usable accessories that maybe some wouldn’t purchase themselves.  I believe that is key to a great gift, something that is practical yet unique that someone might not purchase otherwise.  Let’s get started!

Burger Press 

  • Makes up to six ⅓ lb burgers
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe

The Cave Tools Burger Press is a versatile and practical addition any kitchen.  It intended to be a burger mold, and you can fit up to six ⅓ pound square patties. It’s made from a BPA-Free, dishwasher safe silicone, making cleanup a breeze.  

A unique feature of this press is the freezing ability.  You can pre-mold burger patties and freeze them to use later.  This can make a long evening of grilling a lot less stressful, especially if you’re cooking for a large family.  You can even take the freezing feature a step further and pre-portion out soups or stews, to save your soups for longer and make long-term meal prep a lot easier.  

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  • 2 oz flavor barrel
  • Three needles
  • Basting brush
  • Dishwasher safe

The Ofargo Stainless Steel Injector is a must-have tool.  Whether you only need it for Thanksgiving and Christmas, or you cook chicken regularly, this injector has everything you need.  It comes with a two ounce flavor barrel to store your marinade, as well as three needles that vary in length and hole dispersion.  This is also an excellent option for bakers. This injector would easily fill donuts or cakes. The parts are dishwasher safe, so you can switch between flavoring meats to filling pastries easily.

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Cedar Planks

  • 11″ long x 5.5″ wide x 1/3″ thick
  • Pack of 12

The Grill Gourmet Cedar planks are the perfect boards for grilling your fish.  Simply pre-soak the board you’re need to use in water for a couple hours before using, then put your fish on the plank and grill away.  These planks add flavor and make clean up a breeze.  The planks can also be used in the oven without issue.  Note: these boards are intended for single-use only, if you were to reuse them it would be unsanitary.

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Sauce Pot with Baster

  • Stainless steel
  • Integrated silicone basting brush
  • 16 oz

This Cuisinart baster kit is an ideal way to store your favorite sauce during your grilling process.  Instead of storing your sauce in a separate container than your baster, this basting pot keeps them together.  When brushing raw or undercooked meat, remember to discard the sauce if you’ve dipped the brush in multiple times.  That is the beauty of this product, only put in the amount of sauce you might need and not contaminate your entire jar of sauce.  

A nice dual purpose for this gadget would to to use it for storing coconut oil next to your stove, for keeping your cast iron greased or to simply grease a pan before using it.  

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Beer Can Chicken Holder

  • Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tray
  • Vegetable spikes included

The Cave Tools Beer Can Chicken Rack is a unique and impressive addition to your grilling arsenal.  Rather than setting a chicken directly on a can of beer and perching it on your grill, this contraption is all stainless steel, complete with a cylinder for your beer, which is a much healthier alternative to using a can.  It has a large base with a drip tray (for stability and to catch drippings) and is dishwasher safe, making clean up tremendously easy. As an additional bonus, it comes with vegetable skewers for grilling veggies alongside your beer can chicken.  If you have not had beer can chicken, add it to your list and check out THIS recipe.  

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Pizza Stone for the Grill

  • Cordierite stone
  • Oven safe
  • Carrying rack

This pizza stone is a no-brainer purchase, as you can use it in your oven or on your grill.  What really sets this stone apart is the carrying rack that comes along with it. As opposed to being a slab of stone, it is mounted to a stainless steel carrying rack, allowing for easy transport from the grill back inside.  The stone itself is made from cordierite stone, which is extremely durable and handles extreme temperatures with ease.  Whether it is homemade pizza or store bought, try it on the grill!

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Cast Iron Grill Press

  • Cast iron
  • Wood handle

This grill press is made from cast iron and is fashioned with a wooden handle.  Cast iron is notorious for lasting for ages, so you’re paying for quality and longevity with this press.  It’s perfect for pressing excess fats from meats, or making grilled paninis or sandwiches of your choice.  

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Skewer Set

  • Stainless steel skewers and box
  • Bamboo skewers included

This Shish Kabob set is a very interesting device.  It’s all stainless steel, with a set of six skewers included.  It’s designed to keep whatever food you skewer off the grill grates, allowing for that delicious grilled flavor without the need to flip or rotate, and without adding grill marks to your veggies or meat.  It makes cooking kabobs quite a bit easier. This set also comes with a set of 50 bamboo skewers, perfect for cooking for a large group.

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Grill Basket

  • Stainless steel
  • Grilling smaller food items 

This grill basket is a perfect way to grill veggies or any side of your choosing.  It would be difficult to prepare smaller vegetables (such as broccoli florets, green beans, cauliflower, etc.) on the grill without them falling through the grates.  This basket eliminates that problem! The small holes throughout the basket allow for the great grill flavor without the worry of them slipping through the cracks.  

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Smoking Tubes

  • Stainless steel
  • Compatible with all grills and smokers
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy storage

These tubes are fascinating contraptions.  They are to infuse a smoke flavor while using a charcoal grill, however, they can be used in a smoker as well.  You simply insert your preferred flavor of smoker pellets in the tube, and it diffuses the smoke throughout your grill time (up to 5 hours).   The hexagon shape prevents the tube from rolling around the grill.  An added bonus to this particular smoking tube is the cleaning accessories that come with it. 

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All these would be a solid choice for a grilling gifts for the griller your life.

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Brian Canada

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