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Do you buy spices in bulk?  Do you make your own meat rubs?  If so, this is a simple overview of some of our favorite empty spice jars is for you.  Utilizing empty reusable spice jars have a lot of advantages.  One, buying spices in bulk saves you money.  Two, keeping your favorite blends or rubs handy without the hassle of mixing each time you grill.   If you have not considered buying spices in bulk, you can look at Frontier, Azure, or Amazon for online options.  Whole Foods, Central Market, Costco, Sam’s Club and other grocery stores have some bulk spices available.  
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  • 6-pack, 8oz jars
  • Plastic, with plastic lid
  • Two openings, pour and shake
  • Simple and practical
The Baire Bottles spice jars are your average spice jars. While there’s no major selling point or unique quality to these jars, that may be the best thing about them. They’re larger in size than other jars on this list (8oz) and are made of a BPA-Free plastic. The plastic lids have two openings: a large opening for pouring or a teaspoon, and a shaker. Although these bottles plastic, they’re still very sturdy. 

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  • 14-pack, 4oz jars (24 count option)
  • 14 shake and pour sifters, 7 course sifters
  • Glass jar, with metal lid
  • Squared for maximum storage efficiency
  • Silicone funnel for refilling spices
The Talented Kitchen Glass Spice Jars are among our favorites on this list. You get a lot for your money with this one. These jars are a BPA-Free glass and they’re squared to increase your storage efficiency. They come with metal lids that lock in freshness with an airtight seal.
Out of the box, these jars don’t have sifters placed on them. Instead, they come with 14 shake and pour sifters, as well as 7 course sifters for your larger spices such as red pepper flakes, steak seasoning, Italian seasoning, etc. allowing you to choose what you need. As an added bonus, a silicone funnel is included to aid in refilling your jars.

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  • 12-pack, 3.4 oz jars (24 pack option)
  • Glass jar, with glass lid
  • Airtight
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Labels and pen provided
These glass spice jars are very unique, although they may not be the most practical for your grilling needs. They’re quite small (3.4 oz), and have attached, hinged lids. The biggest downside to these jars would be the fact that they aren’t shakers. When you’re grilling, you don’t want to be messing with unlatching, scooping, and latching a lid back. You need something that you can easily access and pour. That being said, these jars are very pleasing to the eye, and if your spices are going to be on display on your counter, we love the look of these jars quite a lot. If you’re planning on storing extra spices you use for more than just grilling, these may be a great option. While they may be tedious when you’re grilling, they would suit your daily cooking needs perfectly well.

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  • 12-pack, 3oz tins
  • Metal tin, metal lids
  • Magnetized
  • Shake and pour openings
  • Clear lid
The Talented Kitchen magnetic spice tins are another unique option. These tins are magnetized on the bottom, allowing you to stick them to your fridge or any sort of metal table or surface. The lids have a tight seal, with two openings (one for pouring, one for shaking). They have clear lids, making visibility into your jars possible if you aren’t one to label your spice jars.
Although these are on the small side (only 3oz), this is a fantastic space saving option. Using the magnetic feature allows you to put your spices on the side of the refrigerator, or easily tuck them away in a drawer.  One option would be to utilize a magnetic board or magnetic strips near your cooking/prep area.

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  • 24-pack, 4oz jars
  • Glass jar, metal lid
  • Durable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Versatile
The Ball Mini spice jars are slightly different than your typical Ball jars, only for the fact that you can’t use them for canning. Other than that, you’re receiving an extremely high quality jar that is durable and sure to be a talking point in your kitchen.
The Ball spice jars are a little pricey, but you get 24 jars, which is the most on this list. These jars are dishwasher safe, and the lid is made of one piece of metal and allows you to write on it with a Sharpie and wipe it off clean when you want to switch spicesOne downside to these jars is that they don’t come with sifters.  However, they are available here as a separate purchase. 

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All of these spice jars can be useful in the kitchen or for concocting rubs and blends.  The Talented Kitchen glass jars, due to their glass construction, metal lids, and versatility/customizability with the interchangeable sifters make them the ideal spice jar for barbecuing. Considering price, material, interchangeable sifters, and bonus items makes them our clear-cut winner.
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