Charcoal Lighters

To start your charcoal, traditionally you would use a charcoal chimney, which can be a tedious and timely process.  Charcoal lighters are a relatively new product to the grilling world.  By using a charcoal lighter, you can bypass this step altogether and light your coals directly in your grill. We’ll cover three unique lighters at …

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BBQ Gloves

When you’re looking for a pair of grill gloves, there are a few criteria to keep in mind. One, your intended use:  1.  Are you planning on using these just for your grill, or for other kitchen-related uses.  2. What material feels best to you; do you want gloves that are rubber but lined with …

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Best Meat Claws

In this article, I’ll be comparing five different meat claws and rakes all within the same price range.  Meat claws are a handy tool used to shred meat or transfer meat from the grill to your platter.  First thing that comes to my mind is needing to shred pork butt. The possibilities are endless: brisket, …

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