Planning a BBQ

Planning a BBQ doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you are planning a large cookout, such as a graduation party, engagement party or any other large celebration, my advice would be to plan. Put the pencil to the paper, well really iPencil to iPad in my case and start making a list. Planning alone can …

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Empty Spice Jars

Do you buy spices in bulk?  Do you make your own meat rubs?  If so, this is a simple overview of some of our favorite empty spice jar options is for you.  Utilizing empty reusable spice jars have a lot of advantages.  One, buying spices in bulk saves you money.  Two, keeping your favorite blends …

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Flat Top Grills

Flat top grills offer versatility, portability, and ease of use that few other grills can offer. While you aren’t using an open flame you will still have a seasoned griddle that imparts a delicious and unique flavor on anything you cook. Most flat top grills have interchangeable griddles, so you can cook your breakfast food …

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