5 Must Have Grilling Accessories

In this article, we’ll be covering 5 different grilling accessories that are a must-have for any griller! We’ll be covering specific products and why we feel they’re the best option in their respective field. Let’s dive in!
Product Feature
Mountian Grillers Grill Tongs
  • Stainless steel
  • Locking
  • 12″ & 16″ long
  • Pair
M KITCHEN WORLD Silicone Brushes
  • Silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 446 degrees
  • Approximately 7″ & 8″
  • Pair
Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter
  • Designed to quickly produce hot coals for cooking
  • 7.5 in. in diameter, 12 in. high
  • Specialized cone-shaped grate
  • Durable construction for longevity
New Star  Wood Handle Grill Spatula
  • Stainless steel with wooden handle
  • Large spatula face 
  • Extra long-handle provides safe distance cooking control
  • Overall length – 21″
Sunnydaze Lid Lifter 
  • Cast iron
  • 16.5″ long
  • Multi-functional
  • Easy use
  • Two-Pack (12” and 16”)
  • Silicone Non-Slip Strip on Handle
  • Added Length, Grill Specific
The Mountain Grillers Grill Tongs are an essential in any grillers apron. These tongs are made of stainless steel with silicone grips on the ends. They have a locking mechanism to keep them shut in place when they’re being stored away, with little loops on the end if you prefer to hang them. It’s the little details that set these apart from other tongs. Plus, they come in at a reasonable price.
They come in a two pack, one set being 12” long and the other being 16” long. This added length promotes safer grilling and keeps your arms further away from your grill, which is a big bonus if you don’t have grill gloves. (insert grill gloves link here).  Plus, it is always a good idea to have two sets of tongs handy because you want to use clean tongs to remove your cooked meat from the grill.  Tip:  Never use original tongs that placed raw meat on the grill through the whole cooking process, change once the outside of the meat is cooked to prevent contamination.

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  • Silicone
  • Heat resistant up to 446 degrees
  • Dishwasher safe
The M Kitchen World Grill Brushes are another necessity for the avid griller. These brushes are made of silicone, a huge advantage over traditional brushes. This eliminates any brush bristles your food and makes clean up much easier. These brushes are dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 446 degrees, so you can use them to brush your meats with various sauces without fear. They’re also versatile, as you can use them as a pastry brush or buttering breads and rolls. They’ve very inexpensive. If you consider the quality and versatility, then they are a must-have in any kitchen, whether you’re an avid griller or notTip:  Separate your marinate or sauces in two or more bowls if you want to also use it for dipping or spreading on meat when served.  Never use marinade or sauce that you have dipped a brush in that has also been on raw meat.

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The Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter is truly a must-have charcoal grill accessory. Starting your coals without a chimney starter is a massive pain, therefore the charcoal chimney was born. The Rapid Fire by Weber is one of the best on the market. You could go with a charcoal lighter (insert charcoal lighter link here), but if that doesn’t seem like the route for you, the tradition chimney lighter is essential. The Rapid Fire has a heat shield as well as a double-handle system to provide protection from the heat as well as control when pouring large loads of charcoal. This chimney starter is sure to be one of the most useful and valuable accessories you can purchase.

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  • 21” long
  • Stainless Steel spatula with wood handle
This accessory is a little more self-explanatory but just as essential. If you try to use a traditional spatula on your grill, it is likely too short to keep your hands away from the heat. This spatula is 21” long and made of wood and stainless steel (no plastic!). Having a large spatula face, it makes flipping burgers a breeze. It’s inexpensive and not a very flashy accessory, but will be super handy at your next cookout.

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  • 16.5” long
  • Cast Iron
  • Versatile
The Sunnydaze Lid Lifter is an extremely useful tool for any griller. This is the best tool for removing your grill grate to add extra coals or moving hot cookwear from your campfire. Take my word for it: I tried removing my grill grate with various kitchen tools (tongs, prongs, spatulas) before I had one of these, and every time I came close to burning myself or dropping the grill grate. This lid lifter makes the process of moving the grate around much easier. It is 16.5” long and made from heavy-duty cast iron. It’s also very versatile. It’s a perfect grill grate remover, but is designed to remove lids off of your campfire pot. I also use it to distribute my coals when needed. The length is perfect for whatever I need to do with confidence and safety.

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All of these grilling accessories are tools that I consider essential. Grilling can be very daunting, and there are a lot of frivolous and flashy tools on the market. It can get very overwhelming! We hope this list, as well as the other information we provide, offer you peace of mind and some clarity in the massive world of grilling.
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Brian Canada

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